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May 2013

21 Ways To Use Gift Cards In Your Store

The addition of Gift Cards to LightSpeed happened early on as the developers recognized that this was one of those ‘killer’ features that would allow their users to compete against large stores with more expensive systems. And yet, many of my clients don’t take advantage of this powerful feature.

LightSpeed for iPad 1.4

Recently we learned that LightSpeed had added credit card processing for Canadians in their 3.8 release. This was very exciting news as we’ve been waiting for a very long time for this. Now, with version 1.4 of LightSpeed for iPad, we can now process credit cards on the iPad as …

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LightSpeed 3.8.1 Released! No Wait… OK now!

As predicted, the ‘point-one’, bug fix release of LightSpeed’s recent major version was quietly released to the public yesterday… two weeks after the initial launch. What was less predictable was the speed in which it was removed and then reposted as a bug was discovered involving USB card swipe readers …

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LightSpeed 3.8 – A First Glance

LightSpeed 3.8 is here and with it come many changes to our favourite POS system. Check back often as I’ll try to post a number of blogs in the coming days that will attempt to wade through all the new features, bug fixes and issues surrounding the latest version of …