2018: A New Year… A New Focus… A New Website.

This picture of a guy working at his laptop, sitting in his tiny house on wheels, in the middle of a snow storm, inspires me. That could be me sitting there. Typing away and being productive. Collaborating with my team and clients via the internet… regardless of my location.

The image is of one of the ESCAPE series of tiny homes. They are extremely well designed and modern. Tiny homes solve real world problems by re-writing the rules and borrowing from many sources. I’m inspired to do the same with software.

The point-of-sale and inventory management software that I enjoyed selling and supporting over the years is now owned and maintained by a company who seems to have no need for experts in the field. They seem to have no desire to promote, or collaborate with, third-party consultants who can guide their customers to a better user experience through knowledgeable advice, training and implementation.

Thus, I’ve found my business changing course.

My clients have always asked for solutions to problems that Lightspeed can’t solve but recently I’ve started solving them by writing custom applications that suit their unique needs. This work has spun into a business of it’s own and with a number of solutions already deployed, I already have new projects in the works for this year.

From custom label printing and reporting systems that work with existing third-party systems, to fully featured, stand alone applications that do a job that no other ‘off the shelf’ system will handle… I hope to share each one of them here as ‘project spotlights’.

Stay tuned for big things in 2018.