A warning regarding LightSpeed 3.7 and your custom report…

This is an important message regarding LightSpeed 3.7 that I sent out to my clients that I had made custom reports for in the past…

Please be advised that any custom report that I have made for you in the past will disappear from your LightSpeed reporting menu if you upgrade to LightSpeed 3.7.

If you are concerned about this, I recommend holding off on upgrading until a solution can be found.

LightSpeed 3.7 has a new reporting system that doesn’t include the ability to add custom reports that were created in the past. As a result, any custom reports that have been added will simply disappear… and can not be added again.

The new system is called, ReportMaster, and although it adds many requested reporting features, it may or may not be able to recreate the custom report(s) that were made in the past.

I recommend downloading a demo of LightSpeed 3.7 on a completely different Mac and testing out the new ReportMaster first before upgrading your LightSpeed system.

If you require assistance with the new system, please email us to schedule a consulting session so we can go over your needs in detail.

As a side note, our new reporting system will be called KGReports.com and should be ready soon. As a web-based reporting platform with a monthly subscription fee, it will be able to extract data from your LightSpeed system and provide many reports (include custom reports) that LightSpeed currently can not. Stay tuned for announcements on this!