APG Cash Drawer Issue Solved!

APG made an official press release today that should be good news to any LightSpeed users out there that have received the dreaded ‘USB Cash Drawer Not Found’ error.

It is important to note that they are announcing this as a ‘product upgrade’ and not a bug fix. Technically, it was Apple’s adoption of the new USB standard that caused the problem in the first place. APG is simply upgrading their hardware to keep up with newer standards.

What is not clear in their announcement is what will be done if you have an older cash drawer but need the new interface. I’ve already recommended to a couple of clients that they contact APG support directly to have the issue resolved.

You can read the official press release here…


Update: I’ve contacted APG on this issue and they’ve indicated that they will send you a replacement USB controller card that will rectify the issue. Simply contact support at APG and they’ll ship one out to you.

Customers can call their Tech Support at 763-571-5000 Ext. 160 or email them at apgsupport@apgcd.com.

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