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APG Cash Drawer Issue Solved!

APG made an official press release today that should be good news to any LightSpeed users out there that have received the dreaded ‘USB Cash Drawer Not Found’ error. It is important to note that they are announcing this as a ‘product upgrade’ and not a bug fix. Technically, it …

UPDATE: Unable to open USB Cash Drawer

I went out to one of my client’s today who had complained of this issue. I had sold them two cash drawers before xmas and they’ve ended up using them with the keys in the locks since then in order to work around the issue. So, I went out to …

UPDATE: Unable to find a USB cash drawer

APG, the manufacturers of this cash drawer, have released a fix for this problem and are willing to send out replacement USB controller boards to any customers that are experiencing it. Please contact me if you have been affected and would like in on the warranty swap.

Unable to find a USB cash drawer

We used to connect our cash drawer to our iMac by plugging it into our receipt printer. This meant that the opening of the drawer was triggered by the end of a print job. The printer settings had to be configured to open the drawer and these settings could get …