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kgstats_imac is here!

In the past, I’ve called it by different names… lightspeedreporter… kgreports… but it’s official name has become kgSTATS and you can see it now at

Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 9.59.28 AM

LightSpeed data never looked so good!

My new reporting system is almost ready! This image is a snap shot of one of the many graphs and charts that we’re preparing. It breaks down sales for the day by class and displays it in a pie chart. Another quick report show sales by hour. Another one total …

Inventory Report

It’s a simple report to start with but it does something that the built in Inventory Valuation report in LightSpeed doesn’t do… it shows cost and sell, and then extends both to show the total value of the inventory at cost and sell. This is important as we will often …

LightSpeed Reporter

Coming Soon! For everyone who has ever asked for a report that isn’t in LightSpeed and couldn’t be created with On-Target Reports (OTR)… LightSpeed Reporter will be a subscription based website that will extract data from your LightSpeed Server and present it to you in new and exciting ways. Check …