kgINVENTORY Update On It’s Way!

A Note Concerning kgINVENTORY compatibility with iOS7 and the new Linea Pro 5 for iPhone 5 and 5th Generation iPods…

At this time, kgINVENTORY is not compatible with the new Linea Pro 5 scanners. A modification in the Infinite Peripheral’s API will require that we release a new version in order to support it. Unfortunately, all apps submitted to the App Store must also be iOS7 and retina compatible which means that this will not be a simple update. All this is happening at a time when Apple’s iTunes Connect system will be down for the holidays.

It is our goal to release a new version in January, 2014 that will address these issues and hopefully add some new features as well. There will be no charge for this upgrade when it is released.