is here!

In the past, I’ve called it by different names… lightspeedreporter… kgreports… but it’s official name has become kgSTATS and you can see it now at

kgSTATS is a web-based service that retrieves data from your LightSpeed system and displays it for you when you login in the form of a dashboard widget or printable report. It uses LightSpeed’s Developer API to communicate with your LightSpeed Server and extract daily sales data. It then stores that data and analyses it for reporting purposes.

Some of the reports that we have ready include:

  • Store Performance at a glance
  • Payments Received
  • Sales by Class (Summary & Detailed)
  • Sales by Family (Summary & Detailed)
  • Sales by Hour
  • Top Products
A 'Sales by Class' pie chart from The Dashboard.

A ‘Sales by Class’ pie chart from The Dashboard.

The Dashboard

These reports might sound basic but there are some very important features that make them different than the reports you can run in LightSpeed itself. For example, most reports appear on the front page as a graphical chart or line/bar graph while detailed, printable reports are just a click away. This front page is called, the ‘Dashboard’ and it means that you can login for a quick look at what’s going on without having to login to LightSpeed and run a bunch of reports.

Multiple Locations

Another cool feature is that if you have more than one location hooked up to kgSTATS, then you’ll be able to see all your location’s data merge into a single screen for comparison or grand totals, OR only look at each location on it’s own… it’s up to you!

Summary Reports

Many LightSpeed owners have complained that summary reports are missing from the new Report Master in LightSpeed 3.7.x. We’re currently sitting at version 3.7.6 and they still haven’t put them back in. The good news is that kgSTATS creates summary reports in the blink of an eye by simply clicking a check box at the top of the report. Instantly, pages of data will be hidden to only show the totals.

Coming Soon…

We are continuing to add more reports as we listen to the feedback from our users. Some include Sales by User and more detailed Payment reports. Since kgSTATS collects data from the day you sign up, the longer you’re with us, the more data we’ll have to report on… this means that proper Sell-Through and Inventory Turn reporting is on the horizon as well.

Check out today and contact your local Certified LightSpeed Reseller for more information on how to sign up!