kgSTATS Gets A New Look!

We’ve been hard at work to improve our premiere data collection and reporting tool for LightSpeed Pro and LightSpeed Cloud. Check out what we’ve been up to!

kgSTATS Works With LightSpeed Cloud!

First of all, that wasn’t a typo when we said ‘LightSpeed Cloud’. kgSTATS now has the capability to extract data from both Pro and Cloud simultaneously. That means that whether you use Pro or Cloud… or both at multiple stores… you can use kgSTATS to collect and report on data from all of your locations. We’re very excited to announce this and we’re sure that our Cloud customers will be as well.

new_kgstatsThe New Look

We also gave kgSTATS a complete face lift. The interface is cleaner, easier to use and more responsive. In some of our tests, it was twice as fast at displaying data.

Widgets on the dashboard are now moveable so you can Unlock the Dashboard, move things around the way you like them best, and then Lock it again.

The new layout features an easy to use sidebar down the left hand side of the page. It allows you to easily change the date range or location criteria and click ‘Reload’ to see your changes… instantly!

We moved!

Bet you didn’t even notice. We moved our site to a completely different server, located at a better facility. Our initial tests showed an increase in data speed of anywhere from 60 to 100%! While we were previously no where near our capacity, we felt this was the best move to ensure the successful growth of our company… and yours.

Print any widget!

Want to take the Sales by Class pie chart into a company meeting? Click on the little ‘gear’ at the top right hand corner of any widget to get an option to print that widget. We’re also considering using this space to have other widget-specific options so stay tuned on that.

Download Reports

Downloading reports as CSV files is now possible! Any report that you can print can also be downloaded to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or fed into a larger data system. If you need a special report to send to ‘Head Office’ just ask and we’ll try to add it for you!

And More To Come…

We’re not stopping there. We’ve more ideas to make the interface even better but we also want to add more reports… more graphs… and more tools to help you make the most of your LightSpeed POS investment.

Stay tuned!