Lightspeed 2015.2 Upgrade not for the faint of heart

No doubt that the support lines at Lightspeed are busy these days. You might think that this would be due to problems with their new release but instead, reports are pouring in about people having trouble performing the upgrade itself…

While very few problems have been reported with using Lightspeed 2015.2, many certified Lightspeed partners have reported kernel panics when trying to upgrade their Lightspeed server to the latest version. A kernel panic is a low-level system crash that is the Mac equivalent to the Window’s ‘Blue Screen of Death’. This is a heart stopper for even the most seasoned pros as it can mean anything from data corruption to hardware failure.

Most reported kernel panics have been attributed to performing the upgrade on servers that also run Daylite from Market Circle (which co-incidentally uses the same type of backend for it’s server software), so this may not effect most people. Still, it can be unsettling and usually requires a complete removal, reinstall and restoration of data from a known good backup.

I performed the upgrade on my server this morning and while it didn’t produce a kernel panic, the install did fail requiring me to remove Lightspeed entirely before doing a full install from scratch and then restoring my database from my backup. Luckily, I have very good backups.

ls2015-2_updated_configAn interesting message came up saying that my system configuration file was ‘optimized’ for best performance with Lightspeed. This troubles me some. What do they mean by ‘optimized’ and why must they mess with my system configuration. Perhaps co-incidentally, the system spontaneously rebooted itself after this resulting in a system that looked like it had been only half upgraded. While the system preferences panel seemed to have been upgraded, my database had not and all attempts to start it failed. It was at this point that I went into Lightspeed first aid mode and calmed myself with the knowledge that I was fully backed up.

communication_failedRepeatedly, I was faced with a message that stated that ‘Communication to the Lightspeed server daemon failed.’ I’m still not sure why this came up but it’s certainly not something you want to see when your data is at stake.

Luckily, I had the experience and skills to troubleshoot this on my own but many Lightspeed users won’t so I can imagine the hold times on the tech support hot line are jammed.

My Advice

Don’t put yourself into this precarious situation. Call your local Lightspeed certified partner and book a time for them to perform the upgrade for you after having done a thorough check of your upgrade eligibility and backup system. If you don’t currently work with a local Lightspeed partner, find one here.

If no one is close to you, call me at 905-337-5923 and book a remote session so I can help you through this.