LightSpeed 3.5.1 & Web Store 2.1.1

To veteran LightSpeed users, it should come as no surprise that one week after a major release, Xsilva comes out with the ‘point-one’ release that fixes the bugs that were discovered after they released the new code out into the wild. Xsilva has gotten better at this over the years but I still wait a week before recommending that any of my clients upgrade to a major release.

With that said, today, Xsilva quietly released a ‘point-one’ update to both LightSpeed and Web Store after last week’s major version update. The changes look fairly minor but obviously dealt with some red flag issues that were discovered during the first week.

Any one that jumped into LS 3.5 and WS 2.1 last week is well advised to perform these updates as well, however, the more cautious among us may want to wait one more week. 😉

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