LightSpeed 3.5.2

Leave it to Xsilva to wait until I’m on a plane to release an upgrade. Sure enough, last Thursday, somewhere between Buffalo and Las Vegas, an update was quietly released on Xsilva’s website. Maybe I’m no longer on the email list for update announcements but I didn’t get an email about it… did you?

LightSpeed 3.5.2 brings a couple of minor bug fixes (which I’ve reposted below for your convenience) but the most notable change is that Xsilva has officially dropped support for OS X 10.5 Leopard. You must be running at least 10.6 Snow Leopard in order to perform this update. For anyone who purchased their computer system back in the 10.5 days, this means that you will be forced to upgrade to Snow Leopard first… and possibly add more RAM as 4GB is recommended. Luckily, unlike previous OS updates from Apple, they are still allowing you to purchase Snow Leopard (at a reduced price) as it is required to perform the update to Lion.

Another little surprise to note is that the 3.5.x installers no longer contain the code to migrate from a LightSpeed 2 (OpenBase) database. For anyone looking to jump from LightSpeed 2 to LightSpeed 3, you’ll need to upgrade first to LightSpeed 2.9.2… then to 3.4.5… then to 3.5.2. I’ve never understood why they don’t just make a single universal installer… yes, it would make for a larger download but the simplicity would be worth it.

Also, for anyone who has avoided using the client’s auto-update feature due to it’s problematic past, I’ve been using it for a number of installations and it seems to work well now. Any version above 3.5 seems to recognize the correct permissions and not send you into an endless loop. Simply attempt to connect to a LightSpeed server that has a great version than the client that you’re running and it will automatically download the new version.

As for anyone still holding back from advancing to LightSpeed 3.5.x & Web Store 2.1.x, you’ll have to consider this upgrade carefully. LightSpeed needs to be updated first and then Web Store. The current release seems stable as the list of bug fixes get shorter and shorter each time but there are still some upset customers on the forums that claim the new update has rendered their store inoperable. These stories usually involve Lion so at this point, I’m recommending that my clients stay on Snow Leopard if they really want to go ahead with this update. Let other people find the bugs.

LightSpeed 3.5.2 Release Notes

  • API
    • Corrected an issue that could prevent applications from authenticating with LightSpeed Server if multiple third-party applications are licensed to the same license key
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Resolved an issue with the processing of debit transactions through Heartland Payment Systems
    • Addressed an issue preventing void and refunds from being processed without credit card information
    • Approved transactions are now displayed correctly on the Ingenico terminals when processed on the POS screen
    • Ingenico terminals are no longer initialized when performing a void or refund based on a previous transaction number
  • General
    • Added checks to prevent related products from being added to documents in a loop that can cause LightSpeed to crash
  • Invoice
    • Optimized the speed of saving invoices that contain serialized products
    • Returning an invoice immediately after saving will no longer display an erroneus lock icon in certain configurations
  • POS Screen
    • Resolved a potential crash on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion when exiting the POS screen or starting a new transaction
  • Purchase Order
    • Serialized numbers are now handled correctly when returning inventory to suppliers

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