LightSpeed 3.5.3

It’s been one month since the last minor update from Xsilva and it looks like they’ve finally cleaned up the mess from 3.5 as well as added some fixes to long standing issues. As such, this is a most welcome update and I highly recommend it for current 3.5.x users.

In my books, there are three types of items in the release notes for any software:

  1. the ‘oops’ — a quick fix for a problem created by a previous version (usually a major version),
  2. the ‘finally got around to it’ –a fix for a long standing issue, and
  3. a new feature.

All of which are cause for celebration in my books… and this release is no exception.

In this release, we have a couple of ‘oops’ fixes for newly released features such as the API, the use of the Ingenico terminal, the new Magento connector (which was bound to have some initial problems as this feature is very new), and some issues with the POS screen.

We also have some issues that have been around for a while and I’m very glad that they’ve finally been dealt with. My favourite being the issue in which Orders would not accept the change in Status to ‘Invoiced’ if it did not contain inventoried items. For  those of us who do a lot of service-based work, this was a big deal.

Sometimes, Xsilva will slip in a brand new feature on a minor release… which is always exciting… but sadly, not this time.

For those of you that have been waiting for the ‘all clear’ in regards to upgrading from 3.4.x or if you’re still wondering about Lion and LightSpeed… I’d have to say that the dust has pretty much settled and it’s safe to go forwards. Please contact me if you need any assistance.

All in all, this is a welcome release and I recommend it for everyone.

LightSpeed 3.5.3 Release Notes

  • API
    • Resolved an error when attempting to assign a customer to an invoice
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Failed or invalid credit card swipes received from an Ingenico terminal now display an error instead of causing LightSpeed to crash
    • Corrected an issue where an incomplete card swipe may appear as a successful
  • eCommerce
    • Non-inventoried products are now displayed correctly on Magento
    • Orders that are downloaded from Magento now have their status set correctly to ‘Requested’
    • Improved support for uploading products with numerical product codes to Magento
  • General
    • Addressed a rare case that could cause LightSpeed to display a dialog window when printing even when configured to print without a dialog window
  • GSX
    • Addressed a potential crash when cancelling an in-progress serial number lookup
  • Import Tools
    • Importing or updating products will no longer cause a crash when importing Web Long Descriptions that exceed the maximum length for that field
  • Invoice
    • Terms are now copied correctly when converting an order to an invoice
    • Addressed another situation that could cause inventory quantity calculation issues in rare cases in high volume environments
    • Discounts are now display correctly when opening an invoice where a discount has been applied in a currency that is using a user-defined currency symbol
  • Labelling
    • Corrected a print issue with the ’5160/5260 (Larger Sell Price)’ product label type
  • Multi-Store
    • Report filters for multi-store reporting are now displayed correctly
  • Order
    • Resolved an issue where the status of an order remains ‘Requested’ even when selecting the option to mark the order as ‘Invoiced’ during invoicing
    • Order status is now set correctly when one or more line items are non-inventoried products
  • POS Screen
    • Company customers that do not have a first or last name entered are now displayed correctly when searching or listing customers
    • Resolved an issue with gift card scanning that could cause gift cards serial numbers to scan in lower-case characters and not be found for redemption
    • Addressed a potential issue where the last invoice created on the POS screen may appear as locked when opened from the Browser
    • The line item delete button now works correctly when returning a historical invoice
  • Product
    • The supplier code is now set correctly for size/color matrix children products when generated from a master product that was duplicated
  • Purchase Order
    • Serial numbers are now correctly removed from inventory when deleted from a received PO
    • Corrected an issue with Purchase Orders generated from SROs that could cause tax amounts to not display
  • Server
    • Backup schedules are now set with explicit minute values, to correct a potential issue with automated backups running too frequently on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
    • LightSpeed Server no longer accepts any connections using unused medium strength ciphers that could cause a PCI-DSS site scan to display a compliance failure
  • Setup
    • Addressed a file permission issue that could prevent Station Setup from loading correctly when multiple OS X user accounts are used on a computer
    • Users can no longer delete the currency selected as default to prevent calculation issues with historical documents
  • Timesheet
    • Resolved a rare issue that could cause a crash when attempting to open an existing timesheet from the Browser

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