LightSpeed 3.5.4

The LightSpeed gurus at Xsilva have been working hard this week as this is the second update in less than two weeks. Version 3.5.4 brings many small fixes for issues that most probably didn’t even realize needed fixing but there are a couple of items worth noting.

I typically take Orders for non-inventoried items and LightSpeed clearly did not deal well with this. Attempts to change the status to Invoiced would always fail as the inclusion of items that could not be ordered seemed to really cause problems. This has finally been fixed and I look forward to testing this new functionality.

The addition of progress indicators shows that Xsilva is making efforts to make it’s program more responsive as well and this is a much appreciated change from the past, in which clicking a button would result in nothing happening for an extended period of time. I hope this trend continues.

Here’s a run down from their website…

  • eCommerce
    • Reseting a Magento store no longer returns an incorrect timeout message
  • Exporting
    • Corrected an issue that could cause customer contacts phone numbers to export without a phone type
  • GSX
    • Updated the GSX Web Services URL for customers in Australia and New Zealand
  • Invoice
    • Addressed a potential loophole that would allow users to save an invoice with negative inventory without authorization
    • Corrected an issue with the backorder quantity calculation when selecting to backorder items that exceed available stock amounts
    • Reloading the customer on an invoice will no longer clear out the PO number field
  • Labelling
    • The barcode on Dymo 30299 labels now prints at the correct size
    • Custom labels with blank graphics no longer cause a crash when printing
  • Multi-Store
    • Resolved a crash when running multi-store reports while using international currency separators
    • Added progress indicators when refreshing store codes and creating TI documents from remote stores
  • Order
    • Creating an order with only non-inventoried products now sets the order status correctly
    • Invoicing an order with non-inventoried products will no longer display an incorrect warning dialog that states that some items on the order have not been received
  • POS Screen
    • Added checks to prevent the same serial number from being sold multiple times when added to the same line item
  • Printing
    • Corrected a potential issue introduced in LightSpeed 3.5.3 that could cause receipts to print with unnecessary paper spooling
  • Purchase Order
    • Deleting a serial number from a line item now correctly removes the deleted serial number from the PO
    • Improved the behaviour of the supplier code field to avoid issue when reordering line items
  • Set Selling Prices
    • Addressed a crash when using a supplier name that contains special characters as a criteria
  • SRO
    • Removed an incorrect warning dialog box that would appear when converting an SRO into an invoice

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