LightSpeed 3.5.5

LightSpeed released version 3.5.5 today. Good news for API developers such as myself, anyone that uses LightSpeed to run an Apple dealership, and Multi-Store owners.

I’d like to point out that it was one of my clients that brought to my attention the fact that the printed Supplier’s Invoice included a Back Order column that had no reason to be there. It seems silly that I’ve never noticed it before. Once I reported it to LightSpeed, someone also felt that it should be removed… and it has.

  • API
    • Corrected an issue when attempting to set flags while creating or updating products
  • eCommerce
    • Improved mapping of shipping methods when downloading orders from Magento
    • Improved error logging when uploading or downloading information to Magento
  • GSX
    • Updated the GSX Web Services URL for customers in the USA, Canada and Latin America
  • Import Tools
    • Improved support for importing UTF-8 text files
  • Multi-Store
    • Supplier invoices are now created correctly after receiving TI documents
  • Payments
    • Corrected an issue that could prevent debit card payments from being saved when LightSpeed is configured to use a credit card processor
  • Product
    • Added checks to prevent the re-ordering of empty product photo entries, that would cause LightSpeed to crash
  • Set Product Info
    • Using Quantity as a criteria no longer causes a crash
  • Set Selling Prices
    • Using Quantity as a criteria no longer causes a crash
  • Supplier Invoice
    • Removed the unused BO column when printing supplier invoices

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