LightSpeed 3.6.1

Sure enough, two days later, 3.6.1 was released to fix some stuff that was missed in the big 3.6 release.

So far, the only complaints that I’ve received are from people who upgraded but didn’t know that the cash drawer setup had changed. After upgrading, the cash drawer didn’t open but that’s because they had not gone into the Payment Methods and specified which ones would open the drawer. Once this was done, everything worked.

Also, the new backup notification feature doesn’t seem to recognize manual backups so even if you get the notification legitimately, performing a manual backup doesn’t seem to clear it and it still tells you upon login that you haven’t been backed up. It’s a minor detail which I’m sure will be fixed soon.

Here’s the list of fixes in 3.6.1. It looks like there were a couple of ‘oops’ fixes and a couple of things that probably just didn’t make it in time for 3.6.

  • Browser
    • Orders, Quotes and SROs with payments can no longer be deleted without first deleting any associated payments
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Attempting to process a transaction on a payment terminal that has not been configured no longer causes a crash
  • eCommerce
    • Corrected a rare case that could cause a miscalculation when downloading an order from Web Store using promo codes with tax-inclusive pricing enabled
  • Invoice
    • Corrected a rare case that could prevent gift cards from activating with a dollar value
    • Added checks to prevent a crash when attempting to e-mail a PDF when the company name includes punctuation characters
    • Addressed a case where invoices could erroneously appear as locked after a credit card payment
  • LightSpeed Server
    • Corrected an issue that could prevent LightSpeed Server to start after upgrading to LightSpeed 3.6
  • Payments
    • USB cash drawers no longer open automatically when printing an invoice that has no payments set to open the cash drawer
  • POS Screen
    • Addressed a potential crash that could occur when searching for customers
    • Resolved a crash that would occur when logging back in if the auto-logout feature is enabled
    • Addressed a potential crash that could affect non-administrator users when using the POS screen
  • Product
    • Corrected a crash that could occur when running live rules to automatically set GL accounts
  • Station Setup
    • Spaces in the station name are no longer removed when saving

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