LightSpeed 3.6.2

Have you ever converted a Quote, Order or SRO into an Invoice only to find that the custom billing or shipping information that you enter was not copied over? Well, that minor annoyance, and a couple of other issues, seem to have made it into Xsilva’s latest version of LightSpeed. Released quietly on Dec 2nd, version 3.6.2 follows quickly on the heels of their recent major release of 3.6 and the subsequent 3.6.1, also reported here.

While not enough to convince most people to make the leap to 3.6.x, this minor release is highly recommended for anyone that did. Kudos to the Xsilva team for squashing these bugs quickly but my money is still on waiting until the dust settles on 3.6.x before I tell any of my clients to upgrade just yet. With that said, I’ve upgraded my installation and have had no problems at all.

Here’s the official list of issues fixed…

  • Credit Card Processing
    • Improved support for processing swiped international credit cards
    • Addressed an issue that could cause debit transactions from Ingenico i6580 terminals to be declined due to bad track data
  • eCommerce
    • Corrected an unexpected error message that could be displayed when saving changes to the Magento setup window
  • General
    • Addressed an issue that may prevent spell check from working correctly on certain fields
  • Invoice
    • Modified billing and shipping addresses are no long overwritten when converting orders, quotes and SROs to invoices
    • Attempting to print an invoice that has payments associated to deleted payment methods no longer causes a crash
  • Order
    • Selecting a customer contact now correctly populates the shipping address field
  • POS Screen
    • Addressed a rare case that could leave a user logged in after logging out through the administration menu
    • Payment methods are now shown in the list order displayed on the Payment Methods setup window
    • Addressed a potential crash or incorrect privilege error that could occur when multiple users are logging in and out of the POS screen on the same station
    • ‘Sell Below Minimum Margin’ privilege is now honored correctly
  • Product
    • Corrected a bug introduced in LightSpeed 3.6 that would prevent users from adding new lines to the Web Long Description field
  • Set Selling Price
    • Markup values that contain decimal places are now calculated correctly

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