LightSpeed 3.6.3

Xsilva released LightSpeed 3.6.3 today and I think we’re beyond the initial scare of the ‘point-oh’ version number brought about by 3.6. It seems this version aims to tidy up a few minor loose ends it’s likely safe for anyone who had been holding off on the 3.6.x upgrade to dive in at this point. Of course, anyone already running 3.6.x is well advised to download and apply this update right away… as I did this afternoon with no issues.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that there was a Payment Method called, ‘None’. Nor did I until a client of mine unwittingly discovered it in a misguided attempt to fix a mistake that they’d made. It turns out that if you edit any payment, you’ll have the option to change the Payment Method to ‘None’… which technically should not have been possible. The error was identified quickly by LightSpeed support and rectified in the next release which came out today. This is proof, once again, that Xsilva is becoming more responsive as they improve their development processes.

Here is the official list of fixes as found on the LightSpeed Release Notes web page…

  • Browser
    • Master size/color matrix products are now ignored when generating re-ordering POs
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Addressed a generic decline error that could occur when processing PIN-based debit transactions on the Ingenico i6580 payment terminal
    • PIN-based debit transactions no longer return an error when processing deposits on orders, quotes and SROs
    • Addressed a potential issue that could cause payments from LightSpeed Mobile to display an error when processing with Axia
  • eCommerce
    • Added additional error handling in the event that communications between Magento and LightSpeed Server temporarily stall
  • Invoice
    • Customer contacts with only a first name now display correctly in the contact pull-down list
    • Addressed a rare case that could cause invoices with credit balances to display as paid
  • LightSpeed Server
    • Resolved an issue that could prevent users from upgrading to LightSpeed 3.6 due to a duplicate settings error
  • Multi-Store
    • Resolved a potential case that could cause replication options to be read-only
  • Order
    • E-mailing an order that was downloaded from Web Store now pre-populates the e-mail with the correct e-mail address
  • Payments
    • Removed an invalid ‘None’ payment method type from the payment method list when editing a payment
  • POS Screen
    • Resolved a potential crash when selecting a customer after clicking the Go Back button
    • Addressed a potential crash when applying customer category discounts
    • Non-inventoried items no longer incorrectly trigger the ‘Sell Negative Inventory’ privilege
    • Corrected a potential issue that could show a product card as locked after saving changes
  • Supplier Invoice
    • Attempting to post and unpost supplier invoices from the Edit menu no longer displays an error message

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