LightSpeed 3.6.5

It may be hard for some folks to get excited about a new release of software that doesn’t include fancy new features but I’m lovin’ Xsilva’s trend for releasing multiple x.x.x revisions that do nothing but fix little bugs. This is the way software should be developed!

This release includes a bunch of boring little things that only a handful of LightSpeed users would care about but I highly recommend the update. If you’re not on 3.6.x yet, you should be. If you’re afraid or unsure, call me and I’ll help you make the move gracefully as it can be a bit daunting if you’re coming from an older version on older hardware with an older operating system.

Here is the official list of fixes in 3.6.5…

  • eCommerce
    • Additional product images are now displayed correctly when uploaded to Magento
    • Addressed an issue that could cause certain product photos to be uploaded repeatedly on every upload
  • Invoice
    • The calculation of inventory to backorder now correctly accounts for serial numbers that have been created on an invoice
    • Returning a serialized product that was not previously sold through LightSpeed now adjusts inventory correctly
    • The backordered quantity column is no longer copied to the new invoice when performing a return
    • Invoices that are automatically posted no longer need to be closed and re-opened in order to view line item serial numbers
  • LightSpeed Server
    • Fixed an issue with upgrading from previous versions of LightSpeed related to the migration of settings
  • Login Window
    • Cancelling a login no longer displays an incorrect error regarding a version mismatch
  • Multi-Store
    • Performing inventory lookups to multiple stores in the POS screen no longer causes a crash
  • POS Screen
    • Addressed a rare case that could cause inventory to not be deducted correctly in high-volume environments
    • Corrected an issue that could cause discounts greater than $999 to not remain in the discount field
  • Purchase Order
    • Addressed a rare case that could allow for serialized products to be received without entering the correct number of serial numbers
  • Setup Assistant
    • Tax rates are now saved as entered when running the Setup Assistant