LightSpeed 3.6.6 ‘breaks’ cash drawer compatibility!

Xsilva released version 3.6.6 of LightSpeed on March 6th but you might not want to download it just yet as certain models of APG cash drawers fail to open after the update is applied. The change in the code was in response to APG’s recent adoption of ‘universal’ standards however it essentially rendered older cash drawers useless.

The good news is that if you had contacted APG regarding the error mentioned previously here, and they are sending you a replacement USB connector, that connector should solve this problem as well.

The result is that LightSpeed users that previously had cash drawers that would sometimes not open unless the USB cable was unplugged and replugged… now will have a cash drawer that won’t open at all!

Stay tuned for more on this and my analysis of 3.6.6.