LightSpeed 3.6.6

LightSpeed 3.6.6 was released on March 6th. No email broadcast was sent to current upgrade subscribers so unless you were looking for it, you probably wouldn’t know about it. I didn’t. Even subscribing to their RSS feed doesn’t seem to get the message out fast enough. I really wish that they’d send out an email.

This one is a big one and as I reported here earlier, there is a significant snag for some.

The Good

Fixes. Lots of fixes. The release notes is a repetition of the same phrases over and over again: ‘Resolved a potential crash…’, ‘Addressed a crash that could occur…’, ‘… no longer causes a crash.’, etc…

The Bad

Unfortunately, they slipped in what seemed to be a minor change to the cash drawer functionality that has the potential of preventing a cash drawer from opening entirely. While attempting to troubleshoot an issue with USB cash drawers not opening, Xsilva was advised by APG, the people who make the cash drawers, to update the codes that they use to trigger the opening of their cash drawers. This was intended to maintain compatibility with the latest iMacs and cash drawers and was supposed to be a good thing. However, if you own a cash drawer that had previously encountered an issue in which the USB drawer could not be found unless you unplugged and replugged the USB cable, your drawer will now fail to open at all. Luckily, the fix is an easy one. APG is offering to send out replacement USB controllers for their existing cash drawer owners that not only makes the old issue go away but is also compatible with LightSpeed 3.6.6.

You can read my entry on this here… APG Cash Drawer Issue Solved!

Because of this, you may want to hold off on upgrading to 3.6.6 until you’ve had a chance to upgrade your cash drawer. On the other hand, you could just use the keys that came with the drawer as a temporary measure until your new USB connector board arrives.

Here is the official list of fixes from Xsilva’s website…

  • Credit Card Processing
    • Improved support for Tyro Payments
  • Count Inventory
    • Resolved a potential crash when counting into a warehouse with one or more apostrophes in the warehouse name
  • General
    • Addressed a crash that could occur when closing a window that has unsaved changes present in a pop-out drawer
    • Dragging multiple master products onto a document no longer causes a crash
  • GSX
    • Corrected an error that could prevent users outside of North America from submitting a Carry-In Repair
  • Hardware
    • Updated cash drawer open commands to use universal command set from APG
  • Import Tools
    • The Payable Expense GL account is now set correctly when importing or updating products
  • Invoice
    • Corrected an issue with zero-dollar pricing levels that could cause invoices to be re-calculated incorrectly after processing a payment
    • Deleting a credit applied on the POS screen no longer causes a crash
    • Printing an invoice with a credit card payment recorded by LightSpeed for iPad no longer displays a skewed signature
  • LightSpeed Server
    • Addressed a potential crash on Mac OS X 10.7
    • Fixed a potential issue that could distort the company logo on receipts printed from LightSpeed Mobile and LightSpeed for iPad
    • E-mail receipts no longer display line item values to three decimal places
    • Receipts printed from LightSpeed Mobile and LightSpeed for iPad now display the user and station name
  • Multi-Store
    • Addressed a potential issue with replication when replicating product costs of zero dollars
  • Order
    • Addressed an issue where all reserved line items are released instead of those selected to be invoiced
    • Corrected a potential issue that could cause all reserved line items to be released even though a generated invoice is not saved
    • Users are no longer able to bypass the “Sell Below Minimum Margin” privilege by closing the window
  • POS Screen
    • Resolved a potential issue that could cause invoices created on the POS screen to not be logged correctly
    • Addressed a potential loop that could prevent users from completing an invoice after clicking ‘Go Back’ due to restricted privileges
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the POS screen to crash due to a modified product image
    • Resolved a rare issue that could cause the POS screen to display stale inventory information
    • Using keyboard shortcuts for payments now properly checks to see if the station is a member of a till, if enabled
    • The “Save Invoice with Credit over Limit” privilege is now honored correctly
  • Print Product Labels
    • Printing product labels using pricing levels now populates the sell field correctly
  • Product
    • “Create New Product” privilege is now honoured when attempting to duplicate a product
    • Added checks to prevent a crash when entering descriptions greater than 4096 characters
  • Set Selling Prices
    • Addressed a potential crash when setting prices based on cost average
  • Setup Asisstant
    • Added checks to prevent a crash when entering taxes with names longer than 10 characters
    • Addressed a potential crash while creating a new user account
  • Setup
    • Resolved a potential issue that could cause a terminal to appear as locked after closing the Terminals setup window
  • Smart Find
    • Addressed a potential crash when running Smart Finds against certain custom field names
    • Custom date fields can now be used to search for Supplier Invoices
    • Personal smart finds no longer appear for all users after creation
  • Supplier
    • Closing a Supplier card with an unsaved contact no longer causes a crash
  • Timesheet
    • Deleting a second timesheet entry that has not been started no longer causes a crash