LightSpeed 3.6.8

Xsilva quietly released version 3.6.8 the other day.

The big news, for me, on this one was a bug that I noticed when turning an Order into an Invoice when items had been reserved. It was not releasing the items so that they could be invoiced. I had to exit out of the invoice without saving, go back to the Order, and then release all inventory before attempting, once again, to Invoice the goods. Thankfully, version 3.6.8 fixes this little glitch and that was reason enough for me to download it.

A reduction of headaches for Magento users, added functionality for Apple dealers, and some other minor fixes round out this version. Generally, good news for everyone and it gets my seal of approval for anyone concerned about such things.

These are the official release notes…

  • eCommerce
    • Improved support for downloading large sets of orders from Magento
  • GSX
    • Added additional support for submitting Carry-In Repairs outside of North America
  • Invoice
    • Changing the customer on an invoice no longer modifies gift card line items
    • Invoicing an order with reserved inventory now correctly releases inventory in all cases
  • LightSpeed Server
    • Resolved an issue that could prevent users from upgrading to LightSpeed 3.6 due to historical serial number costs
  • Printing
    • Receipts printed from LightSpeed for iPad now show the correct currency symbol