LightSpeed 3.7.1 Due Today!

As predicted here, LightSpeed 3.7.1 will be released shortly to smooth out some of the bumps caused by their massive 3.7 release less than two weeks ago.

One of the issues that users have been reporting is that large databases can take hours to upgrade. Although no formal warning was issued by LightSpeed my client did receive an email from technical support recommending that they not upgrade to LightSpeed 3.7 if their database was larger than 3GB in size.

Just as a note if you have a large database (>3GB) we are not recommending an update at this time. — Eric Epp, Support Specialist, LightSpeed

However, users are complaining of crashes, missing reports (as reported here), and other bugs that either cropped up as of the new release or were recognized in 3.6.8 but failed to be fixed.

On a bright note, it does seem that LightSpeed is listening. In the past, unhappy comments posted the official forums would seemingly fall on deaf ears, but last week the CEO of LightSpeed, Dax Dasilva, responded directly to his customers by posting to a thread that included many damning reviews of his latest release.

To be fair we have almost 200 release notes of new items, fixes and improvements that customers have requested for LightSpeed and nearly 50 for Web Store. The company is driven by what customers are asking for. We aren’t releasing software for any reason but to allow customers to do more with their LightSpeed software…

…If there are suggestions, please send them my way. We want to improve the software with your feedback and want to start moving much faster with significant product updates happening much more frequently. — Dax Dasilva, CEO, LightSpeed

Kudos to Dax for addressing these concerns head on but he’ll have a big job ahead as his team struggles to respond to every request for help, let alone, every complaint and/or feature request in a way that makes his users feel that they are being heard.

Someone else that we don’t hear from nearly enough on the forums is LightSpeed’s Director of Software and Technology but today he also responded directly to customers via the forum.

LightSpeed is taking this feedback very seriously, and our Development team is working quickly to incorporate these fixes into upcoming releases.

We are launching LightSpeed 3.7.1 today with some key fixes, including improved support for upgrading large databases. We have also scheduled LightSpeed 3.7.2 for release on October 23, which will focus specifically on this reporting feedback as well as the invoice calculation issue being raised here…

…Expanding our Development team has been a top priority for LightSpeed concurrent with the development of LightSpeed 3.7, and this will have a significant impact on our future releases. — Ian Marsh, Director of Software and Technology

It certainly does seem that LightSpeed is taking things seriously as I’ve never known them to publicly announce a future version release.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so stay tuned and we’ll see how these minor updates resolve some of the biggest complaints. As usual, I’m advising my clients to hold off from upgrading for now until the dust settles a little bit.