LightSpeed 3.7 – Is it safe to upgrade?

Many of my clients have emailed asking if it is safe for them to upgrade to LightSpeed 3.7.

My first response is to ask what the rush is. LightSpeed will undoubtedly release a ‘quick-fix’ version, as they always do, within a week or so. My prediction is that we’ll see version 3.7.1 within a week so hang tight and let other people be the beta testers. Why put your business at risk of suffering due to some bug that LightSpeed missed. Never install a x.0 version. Always wait for the x.1. That’s my advice.

What about after the fix-it version? Can we do it then? Maybe. There are few things that you should know about before upgrading…

Do I have to have a valid subscription? Yes. There is no grace period on this upgrade so if you haven’t kept your subscription up to date, call or email us asap to get that fixed first.

Will I lose my reports? Yes and No. Custom reports and saved reports are gone but some can be recreated. The new ReportMaster changes everything in regards to reporting in LightSpeed. Somethings good and somethings not so good. I recommend downloading the demo onto a separate machine and testing out the new reports to ensure that nothing critical is missing. For help with this, email me your favourite reports and I’ll make sure they are still there or help you recreate them.

Will it break the connection to my Web Store? No. At this time, I’ve been told that LightSpeed 3.7 does not require a simultaneous Web Store upgrade to 2.5 as has been required in the past. Although you won’t benefit from the new uploader (which is supposed to make things faster), it won’t break anything in the process.

Will it make my backups faster? Yes but you may not like the cost. You now have the option to not backup your product, customer or supplier photos if you feel that they cause your backups to be too big and slow. The down side of this will be obvious to anyone who has ever had to spend large amounts of time adding photos to products as they will be gone if you choose this option and ever have to restore from a backup.

Is it safe? Yes, if you follow the instructions to the letter. If you don’t, you run the risk of corrupting your entire database and having to start from scratch and restore from a backup file. To that end…

Make sure you backup first! And may the force be with you. Or better yet, book a session with me to help you.

UPDATE: This just in… it seems that LightSpeed has recognized an issue with large databases upgrading to Lightspeed 3.7. More updates to come as they figure this out and send updates.

Currently our development team is investigating a potential upgrade issue with large databases. Since your customer’s database is 14GB in size, we recommend that if you want to upgrade them to 3.7 to please do that outside of your store hours since the Database upgrade may take several hours to complete. Alternatively, you could wait a few days for our team to complete their investigation before moving to 3.7.