LightSpeed 3.7 & Web Store 2.5 Released Today!

LightSpeed 3.7

The ‘About LightSpeed’ screen in version 3.7

While the rest of us were taking the summer off for vacations, it seems that the folks at LightSpeed have been hard at work perfecting the latest edition of their two core products: LightSpeed and Web Store.

Both upgrades are welcome by existing users who will, no doubt, find many of the bug fixes and new features to be worth the upgrade… however, this is a major upgrade and I caution everyone to do their research before upgrading and make sure that a proper backup is in place.

I’ll be posting a series of blog articles on both of these new products but there are a couple of very important points that everyone should know about if they’re considering the upgrade…

Custom Reports will no longer work in LightSpeed 3.7! If you had me or someone else develop a custom report for you using LightSpeed’s OTR program, be aware that it will no longer exist once you perform the upgrade and since OTR is obsolete as of 3.7, there will be no way of getting it back. At first glance, the new ReportMaster doesn’t seem to be much better than the old reporting feature. It simply adds a fancy interface and some more options for filtering data and hiding columns. I suggest downloading the demo version on a different machine first to try things out before upgrading.

You must have a valid LightSpeed Subscription! The installer will check to see if your subscription has expired and if it has, you will NOT be able to upgrade. Contact our office immediately to renew your subscription before attempting the upgrade.

Your existing Web Store design may not work! Web Store 2.5 seems to have some substantial interface changes and if you spent money on having your site customized, be prepared to pay for some more customizing. Contact our office for a free assessment of how much it might cost to make your Web Store ready for 2.5.

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting articles every day to explore and explain all of the changes and new features of both LightSpeed 3.7 and Web Store 2.5.