LightSpeed 3.9.0

You spoke. You wrote. You yelled from the rooftops… and they heard! LightSpeed 3.9 brings back the preview pane and responds directly to some of the most asked for improvements submitted by their users.

Not only has LightSpeed been more willing to listen to their users recently but, I’m very happy to announce, that they’ve shifted into a more transparent development policy which has allowed resellers such as myself to get a glimpse of what is to come. This willingness to share information about upcoming releases has allowed me to get a sneak peak of the new version so I can say with great certainty that this version has been well tested and is ready for use.

That’s right, you heard me. I’m actually recommending that everyone upgrade to a ‘point-oh’ release!

If you installed LightSpeed 3.8.x and were upset about missing functionality, the return of the preview pane will make you very happy. For the most part, this looks like a maintenance release if it weren’t for the ‘new’ features. Although the preview pane and the batch delete features were technically things that were put back after having been taken away, the addition of the reorder report should make many people very happy.

New Features

  • Document Preview
    • LightSpeed 3.9.0 brings document preview back to StoreMasters right column. It has also been redesigned with a new look and feel.
  • New Notifications Panel
    • Notifications have moved to StoreMasters top bar. The Notification icon is badged with the number of new items to review.
  • Show and Hide the StoreMaster Sidebar
    • Users with smaller displays who wish to allocate more space to the list view can now show and hide the Preview and Parked Items sidebar.
  • Show the Store Name in StoreMaster
    • The stores name can now be displayed in StoreMasters left column, adding visibility for Multi-Store users.
  • Batch Delete Products, Customers, and Suppliers from StoreMaster
    • In the case of an unwanted import, you can now hit Command + Delete on your keyboard to batch delete Products, Customers, or Suppliers from the source list.
  • Reordering Report
    • This new Intelligence report is especially useful for apparel retailers. See what quantity of each style you’ve ordered and received, how it has sold, and what you’ve got on-hand. This report also lists sales and inventory in retail dollars to help buyers.

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Fixed a case where End of Day report would not show gift card payments
    • Fixed a case where deleting a line item from a paid Invoice could cause an error message
    • Fixed an issue where receiving a PO with serial numbers totalling more than 1023 characters could cause LightSpeed to quit
    • Fixed an issue where the Created This Month search filter would return no results
  • eCommerce
    • Fixed an issue where deleting categories in Magento could cause update failures
    • Fixed an issue where reordering of size or color options in Magento could unlink master/child products