LightSpeed 3.9.2

A new version of LightSpeed was released yesterday. Here’s what you need to know.

LightSpeed 3.9.2 is a bug fix release and not a new feature release. The list of fixes is long and proof that the development team in Montreal has been working hard and listening to customer feedback. There are many good things about this update but here are a couple that caught my eye…

Added support for OS X Mavericks

Now that upgrading to the latest Mac OS is free, I’m sure that everyone is going to be eager to upgrade their Mac and take advantage of all the wonderful new features. My advice is to make sure that your LightSpeed is up to date first as 3.9.2 brings with it Maverick compatibility. There are no reports yet as to how older versions will react to Mavericks but I’d say that you’re better safe than sorry so upgrade LightSpeed first, before you upgrade your OS.

Adding the same product multiple times to a document now correctly increments related items

I feel that related items is an under used feature of LightSpeed. Most people don’t know that you can related multiple items to any product so that they are either suggested for cross-selling at the point of sale, or automatically added to the document when you scan the first product.

For example, if you sold printers, you might wish to have LightSpeed automatically add a cable to the invoice every time that you sold a printer. (Cables stopped coming in the box with printers a long time ago) To do this, you would open the product card for the printer and click the ‘Related’ button at the bottom. This, in turn, would give you the opportunity to add the proper cable as a related item and check it off as something that will be automatically added to the sale every time that the printer is.

For those of us that rely upon LightSpeed’s related product feature, this bug fix is wonderful news. In previous versions, if I added more than one printer, only one cable would be added if I had the ‘Combine Scanned Quantities’ feature turned on. In 3.9.2, it correctly increments the quantities of all related items when the initial item is scanned a second time.

Emailing a receipt now displays fine print information

For email receipt users, this is fantastic news! If you had been holding off on using this feature because emailed receipts didn’t display the fine print information, you’ll definitely want to upgrade to 3.9.2.

Emailing receipts is fast and easy in LightSpeed. Not only does it save on paper but it adds ‘wow’ factor to your retail experience that makes customers want to come back again and again. If you’re not currently offering this to customers, you should be. If you need help getting started with this, just email us to book a session.

Release Notes

Here is the official list of bug fixes for LightSpeed 3.9.2 as per LightSpeed’s website…

  • General
    • Added support for OS X Mavericks
    • Adding the same product multiple times to a document now correctly increments related items
    • The same deposit can no longer be applied multiple times from more than one station
    • Fixed a display issue when changing the height of the customer or supplier preview panel
    • Gallery image is now preserved when navigating among resource types
    • Default supplier is no longer replaced when manually adding a cost from a PO
    • Deleting numerous suppliers no longer displays multiple authentication messages
    • Fixed a display issue when deleting resources in StoreMaster
    • Resizing parked items no longer creates a visual glitch in preview
    • Initiating a payment via Moneris without first specifying a terminal now displays an improved message
    • Product description is no longer duplicated in matrix child products created before the master is saved
    • Deleting a POS or Web Category without removing it from products no longer causes LightSpeed to quit
  • eCommerce and Notifications
    • Adding two or more products to an Invoice with custom field data exceeding 1023 characters no longer causes an error
    • Web Order Notifications from Magento are no longer created erroneously
    • All Notifications can now be dismissed in one action
    • Clearing a large number of Notifications no longer causes LightSpeed to quit
    • Fixed an issue where PayPal payments to Magento would not download into LightSpeed
    • eCommerce panel no longer displays old version number
  • POS
    • Invoices created in POS are now timestamped more accurately
    • Pricing Level information no longer displays erroneously in POS mode
    • Emailing a receipt now displays fine print information
    • Non-default supplier codes now searchable in StoreMaster
    • Pricing level list in POS mode is now only displayed when the arrow is clicked
  • Timesheets
    • Fixed an issue where non-admin users could not authenticate to start or stop their timesheets
    • Fixed a rare issue where opening a running timesheet would cause an unexpected error
    • Timesheet export formatting from StoreMaster is now consistent with ReportMaster
  • Multi-Store
    • Fixed a rare issue where Multi-Store lookups would cause LightSpeed to quit
    • Cancelled Transfer Out documents are no longer exported to accounting software
    • Fixed an issue where Multi-Store lookup might mismatch store and inventory levels
  • Reporting
    • Custom date values can now be specified via the keyboard in ReportMaster
    • Fixed an issue where the “Last Month” filter would display incorrect dates in ReportMaster
    • Added an explanatory label to the Taxes by Product report in ReportMaster
    • Custom column widths will now be properly respected when printing reports
  • API
    • Selling price is now displayed in tax-inclusive environments when products are created via the API