LightSpeed 3.9.5 – Warning!

You may have noticed that LightSpeed likes to remind you about new versions… every time you login! This wouldn’t normally be so bad if you’re the trusting type who likes to always download the latest version of any software (like me!) but you might want to hold off on this one if you give terms to your customers or you still use Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard.

It’s been just over a week since LightSpeed released version 3.9.5 and the reports are starting to roll in that there is a major bug with one of the new features.

Can’t Print Unpaid Invoices in StoreMaster

One of the release notes indicates that they updated the “Print Invoice if Unpaid” privilege to “Finish Invoices if Unpaid” and it would seem that it’s more than just a change of wording as some users are now being faced with a bug in that they are not able to print an unpaid invoice at all!

I received the following email…

I generated an invoice this morning and went to print it and got an error right away. First error says “You cannot print this invoice without completing payment”. You click OK to be presented with official error… “The Privilege resource with id (0,u’invoice_printwithoutpayment’) does not exist.”

This would seem to be a rather major over-sight as the code is still looking for the old privilege but can’t find it.

If you don’t give terms to customers then this issue likely won’t cause a problem for you but if you do, you can click the ‘Email’ button instead of ‘Print’ as a work-around. This will generate an email with a PDF version of the invoice that you can double-click on and print out.

UPDATE: Mike Strum from oic Tech Solutions, a Certified LightSpeed Expert from Miami, FL, offered this work-around which uses the POS mode…

Jump into POS mode and click on the Document search icon at the top of the screen… then click the little list icon on the right side of the search field. From here, you’ll be presented with a list of invoices for the day and the ability to ‘Reprint’ which should get you the printed copy of the invoice that you need.

Don’t Upgrade If You Still Use Snow Leopard!

The much bigger issue is the fact that 3.9.5 will not run on anything less than Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). While previous versions from 3.8 and up would run on 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and the only thing you missed was the new Dashboard feature. This is going to be an issue for users that run LightSpeed on older computers but most people should be upgrading to Mavericks anyways… it’s free and works reasonably well on older Macs so why not? Users that don’t bother to read the release notes may be up for a nasty surprise and be forced to upgrade in a hurry and since Mavericks is a rather large download, their store might be down for the duration.

Emailed Receipts Now Have Fine Print!

Personally, I’m very excited that fine print is now included in the emailed receipt. I know of many LightSpeed users that haven’t been able to use this feature because of the lack of fine print so this is a welcome update. Unfortunately, we still have no way to include a logo or otherwise customize the emailed receipts. The ability to edit a CSS file would be lovely but I even recommended that LightSpeed open the code entirely and allow us to edit the HTML template that is used to generate the email code. That would allow nearly endless customization. Simply giving us access to a simple HTML/CSS file on the LightSpeed Server, with a library of placeholders for data, would allow anyone with a bit of web design experience to fully customize the look of the emails that LightSpeed sends out. Sadly, they haven’t taken me up on the suggestion.

Bloated Backup Files? LightSpeed 3.9.5 To The Rescue!

There is also an undocumented feature in LightSpeed 3.9.5. Many of you may remember the harrowing experience of upgrading from LightSpeed 3.6.8 to 3.7 or above as it could take many hours depending on how many products and photos you had in your database.

One of the major features of this upgrade was to eliminate the bulky backup files by moving the photos from the database tables to the file system. This would make backups faster and it worked well with the new ‘smart backup’ feature that would ensure that your Mac didn’t overflow with backup files by deleting old backups to make room for new ones.

The problem was that, due to a bug in the upgrade installer, it didn’t purge the old photos from the database as it should have. While LightSpeed users did enjoy the new smart backup features, some wondered why their backup files were still huge.

The new LightSpeed 3.9.5 installer runs a script that purges this old data from the database and, as a result, makes your data files much smaller. Initial reports indicate that the space savings could be as much as 50% or more!

Release Notes

Watch this space for updates as we learn more and as LightSpeed resolves some of these issues. Meanwhile, here is the official list of fixes and features that are included in LightSpeed 3.9.5…


  • LightSpeed Pro 3.9.5 now requires OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Support payload tool now has a GUI in LightSpeed Server preference pane


  • Fixed a case where Inventory Report (Apple GDV) could time out
  • Emailing a receipt from the POS correctly displays fine print information
  • Corrected a rare case where tax for an invoice line item would not display when a cash payment is applied
  • Updated “Print Invoice if Unpaid” privilege to “Finish Invoices if Unpaid”

Payment Processing

  • Axia: Fixed an issue where cardholder data was not being transmitted
  • Merchant Warehouse: refund payments save the auth code successfully


  • Size/Color Matrix relationships are now read/write via API
  • Product Tax Status is now read/write via API
  • Fixed an issue where product costs written via API would not display in product card


  • Matrix child products no longer need to be set to “not visible individually”