LightSpeed data never looked so good!

My new reporting system is almost ready! This image is a snap shot of one of the many graphs and charts that we’re preparing. It breaks down sales for the day by class and displays it in a pie chart. Another quick report show sales by hour. Another one total sales by location. Yes, that’s right, multi-location reporting all in one screen!

The new system will be a subscription web service that you’ll be able to login to anytime you wish and see up-to-the-hour statistics on your LightSpeed store… or stores. It will open up to a dashboard that you’ll be able to customize with various charts and reports that will give you instant information about the performance of your products, your staff, and your stores.

Imagine being able to see a list of the products sold in a day along with how many are left in stock! Or login multiple times in a day to watch your stores compete against each other for top sales!

We’ll be accepting beta testers in December so let us know if you want to be a part of this. What reports would you like to see? Become a beta tester and you’ll have a say in how our new system is built!