LightSpeed for iPad 1.1

LightSpeed for iPad

LightSpeed for iPad

I’m a little late on this one but I wanted to test this out first before releasing it to the world. LightSpeed for iPad is cool but may not have been all that relevant to most people… until now.

Whether you sell shoes, furniture, or art (or tomatoes as the commercial would have us believe), LightSpeed for iPad looks like a cool way to engage your customers without having a sales counter come between you. The idea is that your sales people can go out and mingle with customers throughout your store… selling as they go. For most of my clients, this is ridiculous. Some shops barely have enough room to walk around in… or set up the existing computer system… let alone walk around and engage customers on the floor. It may be that LightSpeed for iPad is just ahead of it’s time but most of my clients have looked at it with little interest as a neat toy for ‘other stores’ but not theirs.

Additionally, LightSpeed for iPad, like LightSpeed Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch, works best when you can complete the sale with integrated credit card processing… something we don’t yet have here in Canada.

All that changes with version 1.1 as a special new feature makes it much more practical and usable in a small store. In the release notes below, you’ll see one small, but important, new feature…

“Credit card payments can now be recorded when not using an integrated credit card processor”

This wonderful new feature allows us to use LightSpeed for iPad without integrated credit card processing! With the addition of a special receipt printer, cash drawer and barcode scanner (and likely some sort of desktop stand), we can now use an iPad as a front counter touch-screen checkout system!

This is very exciting and I’ll be posting more on this soon as I put together a package for all to see and purchase. Imagine getting rid of the huge iMac on your front counter and replacing it with an iPad! Very cool!

Here are the official release notes. The ability to process returns also adds to the iPad’s usefulness at the front counter.

  • Credit Card Processing
    • Improved support for Tyro Payments
  • Invoice
    • Added support for performing invoice returns
    • Credit card payments can now be recorded when not using an integrated credit card processor
    • Payment methods are now shown in the list order displayed on the Payment Methods setup window
    • Addressed a rare issue where invoices could show a “not found” error when pressing Check Out
  • General
    • Corrected a potential display issue with addresses that contain longer country or state/province values