LightSpeed for iPad 1.3

Today, LightSpeed released LightSpeed for iPad 1.3. Filled with minor bug fixes, this version isn’t going to create much excitement for most users… unless, of course, you were waiting to use your new Infinea Tab integrated credit card swipe and barcode scanner. This fancy new scanner/swiper for iPad is very cool and it’s addition to the LightSpeed eco system is a welcome one!

An important warning as listed on their release notes page is that LightSpeed for iPad 1.3 requires LightSpeed 3.7 or higher to connect. Please be aware of this before downloading the update on your iPad. My previous post about the stability of LightSpeed 3.7.x should put to rest any concerns that you may have had about upgrading and if you need assistance with the upgrade or if your subscription has lapsed, contact our office and we’ll help you out.

The official release notes from their website are listed here for your convenience…

  • General
    • Improved re-connection handling to LightSpeed Server after a crash
    • Previewing related products for line items is now supported
  • Hardware
    • Added support for the Infinea Tab integrated credit card swipe and barcode scanner
    • Added support for the MagTek iDynamo encrypted credit card swipe through Axia Payments
    • Resolved an issue that could cause a crash when attempting to pair a terminal on LightSpeed 3.7 and higher
  • Invoice
    • Line items now automatically scroll to prevent line items from being added off-screen
    • Resolved a potential crash when handing off an invoice to LightSpeed for Mac when the invoiced customer is missing a first or last name
    • Gift card serial numbers are no longer treated as case sensitive during redemption
    • Performing a return through a payment terminal no longer returns an error
    • Resolved a potential crash when scanning a gift card with a faulty magnetic stripe