LightSpeed for iPad is here!

LightSpeed for iPad

Finally. After more than a year of customers begging for such a thing… Xsilva has finally released a version of it’s point of sale software for the much loved iPad.

I think the day that the iPad was announced I received my first client request as to whether or not LightSpeed would work on the iPad. My answer was, ‘Why?’. Why would you want to run LightSpeed on an iPad? Yes, the iPad is sexy and cool but think about the reality of it… no keyboard or mouse… holding an iPad means that you’ve only got one hand to manipulate the screen with… I won’t even sell an iMac without a keyboard without a number pad because you really need one when entering numbers into LightSpeed. Now you have to tap out things with one finger instead of a proper keyboard and the numbers are hidden.

Well, it seems that my voice of reason was ignored. “Give the people what they want.” said Xsilva… and now you have it. LightSpeed for iPad is here. Is it cool? Sure. Is it practical? Who cares? For those of you that sleep with your iPads, this will be a fantastic free addition to your favourite toy. Personally, I’ve yet to try it. My iPad was appropriated by my kids months ago when they discovered that it had more games than a Nintendo… I haven’t seen it since.

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