LightSpeed & Lion

I’ve received a number of emails from clients asking if they should upgrade to Lion and my answer, at this point at least, is ‘No’. Not unless you like being a guinea pig. If you’re the type of person who enjoys signing up for medical testing of new drugs, regardless of the consequences, then perhaps this path is for you. For the rest of us, who feel that our LightSpeed system is a mission critical part of our business that simply must work on a daily basis, I suggest waiting.

Although Xsilva claims that LightSpeed 3.5.x is Lion compatible, it’s important to take this (and any promises about new releases) with a grain of salt. As it is, LightSpeed has gone through two extra minor releases since 3.5 came out in mid-July… no doubt that they were required to fix bugs that were caused by the major release in the first place. At this point, as we begin to see some stability in 3.5 (with fewer updates as time goes by), we can begin to wade cautiously into these waters. I’ve upgraded a number of clients with no regrets thus far… but no that were running Lion.

A quick look at the Xsilva forums shows a couple of threads from poor individuals that threw themselves in front of the bus of progress and paid the price. Again, I must emphasize that just because new versions are available doesn’t mean that they are fully tested and safe to download.

It’s interesting to note that MarketCircle, the developers of Daylite, have openly announced that their flagship product is not yet Lion compatible. It is because of this, that I won’t be upgrading my Daylite/LightSpeed server any time soon but I may try a client machine first. I’ll post my experience on this soon.

However, until I begin to see some positive comments in the forums, I won’t be upgrading my LightSpeed server to Lion any time soon and I certainly won’t advise any clients to do so either.

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