LightSpeed Mobile 1.5

Xsilva also released a minor update to it’s LightSpeed mobile app for iPod touch and iPhone today. While it’s not the giant leap for mankind that some of us were hoping for, it does add two important features that were missing from the initial launch.

Editable Quantities

Imagine standing in a showroom warehouse with LightSpeed mobile in your hand. Your superior sales techniques have convinced Mr. Big to place an order for 100 widgets. Eager to capture this data, you reach out and scan the tag on the widget and it enters 1 into the invoice. One. Not one hundred. One. And all attempts to modify this quantity failed… ending in extreme embarrassment in front of Mr. Big who sadly shakes his head and walks out while you desperately fidget with your hand-held POS terminal.

Be embarrassed no more! LightSpeed mobile 1.5 allows you to modify the quantity on any line item. Saving the sale and impressing Mr. Big. 😉

Update: After having used this feature, I must warn you that it seems that you can only change the quantity by tapping little plus and minus signs. In the example above, you’d have to tap the plus sign 100 times as there seems to be no way of entering a new number other than to increment or decrement the existing quantity. Maybe I’m wrong but if there is another way, I can’t seem to find it.

Discounts ‘R Us!

If you’re the sort who likes to give discounts to your customers, you’d have been shocked to discover that this simple feature that we take for granted in LightSpeed POS, simply wasn’t available in LightSpeed mobile. On the other hand, if you’re brand new to LSM, you’ll download it today and enter in a discount for a line item… never knowing the pain felt by the early adopters.


While I applaud any new release from Xsilva, and I am very appreciative of this release, it’s left me wanting more. The interface is still a bit kludgy. The commercials still make it look a bit too easy. How did he email the receipt if the customer didn’t give him his email address? Why can’t the swiping of the credit card look up the customer profile automatically based on the name embedded in the magnetic data of the card? And if the customer doesn’t exist, automatically add them… and then prompt for an email address. I still think that you should be able to use LSM for counting inventory. That was the first thing that I thought of when I saw the sled with the barcode reader.

I’m still waiting for credit card processing via LSM to come to Canada. When it does, I’ll be testing this first hand.

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