LightSpeed Mobile 1.6

LightSpeed mobile is finally free! I never understood why they choose to charge people to download the LightSpeed mobile app from the App Store. First, it was $20… then, they reduced it to $5… and now, it’s free. Of course it should be free. You can’t use it unless you have a LightSpeed Server… and an available user license so why not let the world download it for free?

The big deal is that you’ll need to update your LightSpeed mobile app if you plan on upgrading your LightSpeed Server to 3.6 which just came out today. Conversely, LSM 1.6 won’t work with anything earlier than LS 3.6 so the two go hand in hand. The main reason for this is that LS 3.6 sports some new user privilege capabilities that will benefit the LSM users so the two upgrades must be done together.

In addition, they added some fixes…

  • Hardware
    • Improved charging with the Linea Pro sled if the iPod/iPhone battery level is less than 30%
  • LightSpeed Server
    • Added support for LightSpeed Server 3.6
  • Login
    • Updated the splash screen and added the ability to cancel a connection attempt

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