LightSpeed Mobile 1.7 requires LightSpeed 3.7 or higher

A minor update to LightSpeed’s ‘mobile’ app for iPhone and iPod touch devices came out today but it did so with a rather stern warning: 

Do not update to LightSpeed Mobile 1.7 if you are currently running LightSpeed 3.6.x or below and do not have plans to upgrade to LightSpeed 3. 7 immediately. LightSpeed Mobile 1.7 will only connect to a LightSpeed 3.7 database.

The big news is that this update fixes an incompatibility between iOS 6.1 and the Linea Pro sled which some users discovered only after they updated their devices to iOS 6.1. For those users, this update will mean that their mobile sleds will work properly again but only if they are on LightSpeed 3.7.

Many users are holding back on upgrading to LightSpeed 3.7 due to the limitations in the new ReportMaster and this will put them into a sticky situation. However, I’m confident that LightSpeed is working hard to improve ReportMaster and I’ll be very excited to see what improvements will come in the upcoming LightSpeed 3.8. Hopefully, they will answer the needs of many 3.6.8 users so that they can get up to speed with LightSpeed.

Here are the official release notes as per LightSpeed’s website…

  • General
    • Improved re-connection handling to LightSpeed Server after a crash
    • Improved support for iOS 6.1
  • Hardware
    • Updated the Linea Pro SDK to resolve an incompatibility with iOS 6.1
    • Scanning a product from the product search view no longer causes a crash
  • Invoice
    • Tapping Back while entering a serial number on an Invoice no longer causes a crash
    • Line items that do not have a description no longer display as incorrectly
    • Resolved a potential issue where changed quantities for a line item will may be reset when scanning another product