Lightspeed OnSite 2015.1.1

LightSpeed quietly released a minor update to LightSpeed Onsite 2015 (formerly known as ‘LightSpeed Pro 2015’… formerly known as ‘LightSpeed Pro’… formerly known as ‘LightSpeed’) Still with me? Good. Click the title above to learn more…

The minor update that I predicted is here and if this is the worst of the problems with their new ‘2015’ version then I’d say we did fairly well. Anyone who jumped the gun may have experienced some of these nasty annoyances but it doesn’t look like it would have made a major impact.

Rumour has it that another update is scheduled for next week but I wouldn’t wait for it.

Here is the list, for anyone interested in reviewing the changes before performing the upgrade. As always, please contact our office to book a consulting session if you have any concerns about performing any upgrade to LightSpeed or your Mac.

Tax-Inclusive Pricing

  • Tax-inclusive line item selling prices are now displayed correctly
  • Editing a tax-inclusive line item sell price no longer displays an incorrect selling price
  • Tax-inclusive pricing level no longer displayed incorrectly when line item is part of a Sale Event
  • Tax-inclusive calculations now correctly select the default tax code
  • Product tax status now handled correctly

Yosemite UI Fixes

  • Global Search popover location corrected
  • Drop-down selectors are now shaded correctly
  • Windows can now be minimized as usual
  • Fixed some StoreMaster source list items displayed as white text
  • Fixed an incorrect drop shadow for some labels
  • Sale Offers no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite
  • ReportMaster categories no longer invisible when clicked on Yosemite

Sales Events

  • Loading of products in “Add Product to Sale Offer” fixed for users with large databases
  • Resolved a case where discount could display “NaN” after removing customer
  • Sale Offers with 100% discount are now correctly calculated


  • Inventoried items ordered from a backorder invoice no longer display “Non Inventoried”
  • “Show Keyboard Shortcuts” no longer causes a crash in POS mode
  • Fixed intermittent crashing when dragging a photo from the web into Lightspeed