LightSpeed Pro for iPad v1.5 – iOS 7.1 not supported

If you use LightSpeed for iPad, don’t upgrade to iOS 7.1!

Many users have been surprised to find out, after they upgrade the operating systems on their iPads, that their Infinea Tab scanners/swipers don’t work in LightSpeed for iPad anymore.

This was the way it was described by one user…

I’m having issues with the Infinea Tab 2 (30-pin connector) with iOS 7.1. We create an invoice, add a product, choose payment method and swipe the card and it just says processing and never proceeds to go any further. You have to force quit out of the app as it completely hangs up. I can take that same Infinea Tab 2 and put it on another iPad running iOS 7.0.6 and it works great. If we go to the LS Server and look in StoreMaster you will see where the unpaid invoice got created but no payment is applied.

So, this indicates that the problem happens specifically with the credit card swiper and that the scanner is not affected.

Additionally, users of other iPad-based POS systems that use the Infinea Tab card swipers have complained of similar problems which indicates that this may be an issue with the hardware and not the LightSpeed for iPad software.

UPDATE: Rumour has it that Infinite Peripherals (the company that manufacturers the Infinea Tab devices) shipped their products with a completely different version of their software than that which they supplied their development partners. As a result, many POS software providers such as LightSpeed are scrambling to re-write their software with the new version.

LightSpeed customers received this message in their email inbox yesterday which confirms that LightSpeed has recognized the issue and will be upgrading their software to resolve it.

LightSpeed Pro for iPad 1.5 users with the Infinea Tab card swipe are advised not to upgrade their iPads to iOS 7.1.

Apple’s recent release of iOS 7.1 has introduced stability issues with the current version of LightSpeed Pro for iPad (v1.5) when used with the Infinea Tab by Infinite Peripherals. In an effort to ensure that LightSpeed Pro for iPad users continue to enjoy a quality experience, we are hard at work to release a version that corrects this issue.

Please note that it is not possible to roll-back to a previous version of iOS once having upgraded. Therefore, we strongly recommend that LightSpeed Pro for iPad users delay their upgrade to iOS 7.1 until the update for LightSpeed Pro for iPad is made available in the following days.

Of course, this only affects LightSpeed users in the USA who can use these devices to take credit card payments on their iPads. If you’re not using the card swiper, you should not be affected by this issue.