Need help with your LightSpeed system?

LightSpeed’s technical support is for ‘technical’ issues. If your LightSpeed software isn’t working, they are the folks to speak to. However, if you need some training or help using LightSpeed in a specific way that is required for your business, they may not be as helpful.

As one of the highest certified resellers of LightSpeed in the world, and as someone who has actually run a retail store using LightSpeed, there may be no one more qualified to help you than Kristin Green. His combination of computer expertise, accounting skills, business management experience and his love of teaching make him uniquely qualified to guide you through the maze of features and options that LightSpeed provides so that you can use it effectively to run your business.

If you need a more personalized approach, please contact our office and someone will be in touch to talk to you about booking a session to get the help that you need.

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