Mac OS X Mavericks & LightSpeed 3.9.2

If you watched the Apple event the other day, chances are that you’ll be looking to upgrade, for free, to the latest and greatest version of the Mac operating system… code named, Mavericks. However, if you use LightSpeed, there is something that you should know.

The rumours are that older versions of LightSpeed will be incompatible in one or more ways with the new operating system. We already know that version 3.8 and up won’t show the new dashboard feature at all unless you have at least OS X 10.7 but reports are that anything less than 3.9 may not work at all if you upgrade to Mavericks.

Thankfully, LightSpeed version 3.9.2 was released today and our inside sources tell us that it has been well tested with advance copies of the new OS.


For the super-cautious amongst you, check back here regularly for updates as I throw myself, once again, under the technology bus and report back. I’ll begin with a post on the new version tomorrow.