Power Outage (Updated)

For anyone attempting to contact us today, some big transformer went down in Burlington and took out our whole office building (and maybe others as well). Our email server is down so any emails to @kristingreen.ca will likely be delayed if not bounced back.

The good news is that every website that we host, including this one, (as well as our client’s email servers) are all located off-site in a facility with backup power and internet connections that far surpass our own so they are all ok.

Telephone systems are all hosted off-site so they are just fine, however, voicemails are delivered via email so they may be delayed as well. If you need to contact us, just call the main number until someone picks up as a voicemail may not make it through.

UPDATE: I encourage every client that I deal with to invest in good quality un-interruptable power supplies with surge arrests and today I was reminded why. Power came back on, all systems checked out… no data loss and email is back up! It could have been much worse.

Sorry for the trouble. I’ll post here when power is restored.