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I received this email from a reader today…

I’d talked to a supplier about using the iPad, a networked receipt printer and cash drawer to run a touchscreen till as you said in your post about LS for iPad 1.1. The feedback from them was that the receipt printer has to be hooked up via usb to the server.  This seemed strange to me. Can you tell me if you have an iPad working with it’s own till drawer and external credit card machine? – Matt from Ireland

Thanks for the email Matt!

Originally, in order to print to a receipt printer from LightSpeed mobile (the app for the iPhone and iPod touch), you had to print to a USB Receipt Printer that was directly connected to the LightSpeed Server.

However, LightSpeed for iPad lets you access a LAN-based receipt printer directly. The trick here is that the receipt printer is a special version of the TSP100 that has an ethernet connection instead of a USB connection. Once set up on your network, any device should be able to print to it, including your iPad.

Additionally, if you plug a cash drawer into the LAN-based receipt printer, the printer can be configured to open the drawer after printing the receipt. Together with a bluetooth barcode scanner such as the Socket Scanner, this gives the full functionality of LightSpeed for iPad used as a touch-screen till.



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