The fact is your deep knowledge of LightSpeed combined with your consulting skills saved our company countless man hours as well as thousands of dollars in missed sales.  It would have taken us months to perfect LightSpeed for our unique needs, but with your help we were up and running in no time! I can’t thank you enough for your help!  — John, San Diego, CA


I feel so fortunate that we were able to work with Kristin for our install of Lightspeed. He quickly understood our needs as a business and provided a plan that made Kol Kid’s transition to Lightspeed effortless and seamless. His knowledge, patience, excellent teaching skills and friendly nature were truly appreciated as we launched into a new inventory system. He always makes himself available to answer our questions (no matter how minor) and keeps us in the loop with new updates and other product issues.
I have highly recommended Kristin to surrounding businesses and provide the same to others looking for help with Lightspeed and website development. I am happy to say that Kristin has also been able to help us with the install of a new security system and we look forward to a continuing relationship. — Lisa, Toronto, ON


Just wanted to send a huge thank you for your LightSpeed training which has been an invaluable resource for me. Not only has it helped me enormously in understanding how to best use LightSpeed, but as a Consultant, has greatly benefitted the clients that I serve. Your ability to use real-world situations in teaching the tools has solidified my understanding of both retail and LightSpeed.Thank you, thank you, thank you! — Meredith, Atlanta, GA


As a published expert on LightSpeed, Kristin Green has been a valuable resource to us and others in the Certified Reseller community. — Steve, Wynnewood, PA


Kristin has a tremendous amount of knowledge about Lightspeed software and retail in general. After an initial consultation, he understood what we needed out of a new point-of-sale system, the best way to adopt the new software and how to instruct staff members with varying degrees of computer literacy. Kristin is easily contacted and willing to help with any questions we have had. He has been an integral part in helping our menswear business move confidently into the 21st century. Thanks Kristin! — Sonia, Ottawa, ON


Kristin has been an invaluable resource to our company.  Partnering with him for his unmatched expertise in LightSpeed has ensured that our clients get the very best advanced training and outcomes from their LightSpeed implementations. –Steve Metzman, President • iBusiness Technologies


How do you quantify the value of knowledge? Buying a commodity, like say apples, is easy: you can pay for them by the peck, the pound or the piece. But what about information, what about learning?

Recently I approached Kristin Green of Kristin Green and Associates because I was having trouble generating reports from LightSpeed that I needed to provide me specific information about my business. My goal, going into my conversation with Kristin was to ask that, in return for a specific number of dollars, he, hopefully, might provide me a specific answer to a specific question. It took only a couple of minutes of speaking with Kristin, however, to realize that while my specific goal was achievable, Kristin had much more to offer then that.

Kristin’s probing questions and thoughtful answers opened up new ways for me to think about how LightSpeed was intended to work and how I could use its eclectic mix of tools and reports in different and creative ways. Where I saw a straight line from one problem to one solution, Kristin saw a matrix of multiple tools, techniques and resources that could be combined in creative ways allowing me to learn much more then I could have from my narrow question.

Receiving this unexpected bounty of new information and perspectives sent me away excited about getting back to work not only with the information I had hoped to receive but with ideas on how LightSpeed could be used in new and more powerful ways. I also left with something else: the realization that working with a consultant, or at least a good consultant, can be more than a place for getting a question answered, it can be a collaborative conversation were ideas are shared, avenues explored, inferior solutions set aside, new theories tested and progress can be achieved on multiple fronts.

In Kristin I believe I have found a person who I can partner with to make my LightSpeed experience a more powerful, productive and pleasant one. Already I look forward to our next conversation. — Dan Welch, owner The Sweater Venture East Greenbush, NY