The Book On LightSpeed, 2nd Edition

The Book On LightSpeed 2nd Edition

The Book on LightSpeed 2nd Edition

I’m thrilled to announce that after four years, I’ve finally published an update to my book! The Book On LightSpeed.

It was a huge job but all references to old LightSpeed features and technologies have been removed and new screen shots, where needed, have replaced old ones. I had to re-write some of the sections in addition to re-reading the entire book myself.

If you haven’t purchased my book yet, or didn’t know about it, now is a great time to order a copy. Especially if you’re new to LightSpeed.

If you’ve already purchased my book, you don’t really need to purchase it again. My next edition will cover additional topics that don’t appear in the 1st or 2nd editions so stay tuned for that. (Sorry, no timeline on that but hopefully it won’t take another four years.)