Unable to find a USB cash drawer

We used to connect our cash drawer to our iMac by plugging it into our receipt printer. This meant that the opening of the drawer was triggered by the end of a print job. The printer settings had to be configured to open the drawer and these settings could get ‘lost’ if the user changed something by accident. You had to print a receipt in order to open the drawer. Every time you wanted to open the drawer without making a sale, it would print a little tiny receipt that said, ‘No Sale’. This all changed when Xsilva announced that it supported USB cash drawers. The new drawers were great! You didn’t even have to have a receipt printer if you didn’t want or need one and you could open the drawer without wasting paper.

But the new drawers had a nasty little problem…

If you own one of these APG cash drawer that connects to your iMac with a USB cord instead of through your receipt printer, you may have seen this error before. It can easily be rectified by simply unplugging and replugging the USB cord at the back of your iMac but that’s a pain and not very convenient. Many of my clients admit to simply leaving the keys in the front of the drawer all the time because this problem would occur so frequently.

Until now, I had no answer for them but recently APG admitted and recognized that the problem existed and they’re working on a fix!

It turns out that Apple made some changes to their high-speed USB ports that cause these drawers to loose their connection after a while. While it may affect PCs as well, it most certainly is a problem with iMacs but because Apple users are such a small segment of the cash drawer manufacturer’s business, this problem has slipped under the radar for a long time.

The good news is that APG is testing a new USB controller board and should have an official response to this issue within a couple of days. Stay tuned as I’ll be following this issue closely as the events unfold.