UPDATE: Dymo Printers and Mountain Lion

Previously, I had reported that some clients had been having trouble with their Dymo LabelWriter printers after installing Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Since then, I’ve had the chance to test one and fix one that wasn’t working.

As per Dymo’s official response…

The current software that is available on the website is compatible with Mountain Lion.


No additional drivers are needed.

The problem may occur if you have a previous version installed but running this installer seems to solve the problem.

A reader sent an email in German and with the help of Google Translate, we’re pretty sure his advice was to completely uninstall the Dymo software before re-installing it. He claimed that Dymo recommended deleting the Dymo folder as well as any Dymo-related PPD files found in HD/Library/Printers before rebooting the Mac and reinstalling the Dymo software from scratch. I didn’t need to do this but I thought that I’d mention it here in case it helps someone.

One client admitted that the problem only existed if the printer was being shared by a Mountain Lion machine when the other computer was not upgraded to the same version of Mac OS. This may be a bigger issue with Printer Sharing in general and not specifically related to Dymo printers so be aware of this… although, I’ve yet to reproduce this myself.