UPDATE: Unable to open USB Cash Drawer

I went out to one of my client’s today who had complained of this issue. I had sold them two cash drawers before xmas and they’ve ended up using them with the keys in the locks since then in order to work around the issue.

So, I went out to replace the boards with two of the ones that APG sent me… when I get there, they tell me that the problem has gone away on it’s own! Crap. So, I was unable to reproduce the issue. Still, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to swap the boards so I swapped the first one but it didn’t work at all.

The cash drawer worked with the old board but not with the new one. I brought two of the boards with me so I tried the other one… same thing. The green LED flashes to indicate power to the board but sending the opening code from LightSpeed fails to open the drawer.

In the end, I ended up putting the original board back in and leaving them alone.

After speaking with the head of development at Xsilva, I’m now aware that Xsilva is testing this and working directly with APG on this issue.

I will be waiting to receive an update from APG when testing is done and I’ll post my findings here for all to see.

Stay tuned…