Mountain Lion and LightSpeed

With all the excitement of Apple’s new OS release, some of you might be wondering if Mountain Lion will screw up your system if you’re running LightSpeed. According to LightSpeed’s website, LightSpeed as been ready for Lion as of version 3.5 so as long as you’re running 3.5 or 3.6, but there has been no official word yet about 10.8 Mountain Lion.

From LightSpeed’s website…

The current Mac OS is Lion, version 10.7. LightSpeed 3.6, available now, offers full Lion compatibility in addition to powerful new features to help store owners grow their retail businesses.

Versions of LightSpeed previous to 3.5 are not compatible with Lion, and installing Lion on a LightSpeed Server that is not running version 3.5 or higher may result in loss of functionality and potential data loss. Below are important instructions on how to prepare your LightSpeed installation for Lion.

Clearly, this is a bit out of date and we’re waiting for an official word about this but in speaking with a source at LightSpeed it seems that Mountain Lion will have little, if any, affect to your LightSpeed system. While it is recommended that you turn off GateKeeper during the installation of a new LightSpeed system, there seemed to be no major consequences to installing Mountain Lion on an existing LightSpeed system. This is, of course, assuming that you already had the above mentioned combination of 10.7 Lion and at least LightSpeed 3.5… although I would recommend upgrading your LightSpeed to the absolute lastest version (and then performing a manual backup) prior to installing Mountain Lion.

At this time, it’s not clear whether other accessories will cause an issue. For example, we’ve received a warning about Dymo Label printers not working with Mountain Lion and drivers for receipt printers may need to be tested.

Stay tuned here for more updates as I throw myself under the technology bus and find out. ;-)