We Can Order It For You–Six Words I Hate

I read an article today in Bike Trade Canada magazine that was written by Eric Anderson with the above title. In it, he talks about his frustration as a customer when he’s told that his favourite bike shop doesn’t have what he’s looking for, but that they’ll order it for him. He wonders why they don’t go that one extra step and offer to ship it to him once it arrives.

You can watch his video here…

If you’re concerned about losing customers to big online retailers, he wants you to know that as a customer, he still wants to shop locally… but not if it’s a huge inconvenience. He’s taken the time to come down to your store… save him the second trip of coming back again and you may save the sale.

The good news is that LightSpeed has a great Order system that can make this process a breeze.

Here are the steps…

  1. Create the Order in LightSpeed and record the customer’s information. (Don’t use Walk-In for this)
  2. Add a reasonable shipping charge to the Order but discount it by 100%. This communicates the value to the customer. They’ll see it on their receipt and it will be clear that you’re saving them time and money.
  3. Take a Deposit on the order for the full amount with tax.
  4. Mark the Order for Drop Shipping. Under the ‘Options’ tab of the Order, check off the box that indicates this will be drop shipped. This will assist the purchaser when placing the order.
  5. As the purchaser, you can create a Purchase Order directly from the Order by clicking the PO button at the bottom. You’ll notice that because the ‘drop ship’ option was selected, the PO looks a little different in that it records the customer’s information at the top.
  6. Receive the PO as soon as you receive confirmation from the supplier. Since it will ship directly to the customer, this is your trigger to receive and invoice the Order.
  7. Turn the Order into an Invoice. Apply the customer’s deposit and email it to them as confirmation that their special order is on it’s way.

This workflow works best if your supplier offers drop shipping as you won’t have to pay for the shipping twice which may allow you to discount the shipping charge to the customer.

Even if you have to charge a small fee to make up for the shipping charge, it may still be worth it to your customer.