Web Store 2.1.2

In case you missed it, (and I know I did while rushing off to the big LightSpeed conference last week) the Web Store developers have been hard at work improving our favourite e-commerce solution.

It seems to be a collection of general fixes to all kinds of things. Nothing terribly exciting.

Here’s what is new in Web Store 2.1.2…

  • General
    • Corrected a rare issue where the same Web Order number could be used for two orders
    • Corrected a rounding error using percentage discounts on Promo Codes
    • Resolved an issue where a session may timeout prematurely during checkout
  • Email
    • Corrected an SSL error that prevented Gmail from being used as an outbound SMTP server
    • Fixed an issue where the ‘Email to Cart’ feature would send an incorrect link
  • LightSpeed Uploader
    • Fixed an issue with incorrect timestamp in the xlsws_products table
    • Improved calculation of master product inventory during product uploads
    • Fixed an issue where DateTimeCreated was not correctly set in the xlsws_cart table
    • Resolved a rare issue where Flush Category Tree may count child products incorrectly
    • Corrected an issue where duplicate product code warnings were not being displayed in System Log
  • Payment
    • Resolved an issue where MerchantWare Online did not allow dashes in Web Order numbers
  • PHP Changes
    • Changed behavior of session state handler to use hidden fields instead of /state folder
    • Migrated ereg_replace to preg_replace in functions to conform to newer PHP standards and eliminate warnings
    • Corrected misdefined function calls that would generate errors when using an E_STRICT environment
    • Removed closing PHP tags where no longer required
  • Search
    • Resolved an issue where pagination would generate extra blank pages on large product searches
    • Corrected an issue where a trailing slash in a URL would not search properly
  • Shipping
    • Improved XML parsing to correct an issue in iUPS and USPS shipping erroring with certain countries
    • Resolved an issue with the iUPS shipping module to correct an AJAX error
    • Fixed an issue where markup was not being added to USPS shipping
    • Improved handling of defined tiers where ship cost was set to zero
  • Templates
    • Fixed an issue that prevented duplicating paginator bar
    • Improved handling of subcategories in a product list
    • Corrected an issue where product descriptions using bullet points would cause description to display twice
    • Removed products_sliber_theme_bg misspelling from CSS files
    • Improved display in Edit Cart to not display “Shipping Included Above” when shipping was not yet calculated
    • Fixed an issue where an uploaded product photos of exactly 512×512 pixels may not generate thumbnail correctly
    • Corrected an issue with crumbtrail display on product details

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